Mobility Mesh Wi-Fi with 4G
Indoor Mesh AP

Dual-band indoor Access Point. One 2x2 802.11ac and one 2x2 802.11n (2.4GHz). Light-weight and low profile.

Enterprise Grade Mesh AP
Industrial Grade Outdoor Mesh AP + 4G

Tri-band outdoor Dynamic Mesh Access Point. Built-in 4x4 802.11ac wave2, 2x2 802.11n (2.4GHz) and 4G/LTE module . IP67 waterproof and support PoE.

Social Wi-Fi Hotspot
Social Wi-Fi Hotspot

Our Access Points support social Wi-Fi hotspot. Using a standalone AP in shop and manage everything on cloud.

Cloud Management
Cloud Management

A management platform on Google Cloud for all customers. Private cloud can be implemented for user who using large number of AP.

Wi-Fi Survey
Wi-Fi Survey

A free Android app with cloud platform. It can generate heatmap to visualize Wi-Fi signal strength & data throughput. [User Manual]

People Counting by Wi-Fi Trackingr
People Counting by Wi-Fi Tracking

Add-on Wi-Fi sensing feature, built on our mesh Access Point, enables AP-side Wi-Fi tracking.

Air Probe
Air Probe

Air Probe is a smart Wi-Fi channel assignment feature for maximum throughput in multi-channel Access Point networks.

Multilingual Docent in a Wi-Fi Box
Multilingual Docent in a Wi-Fi Box

AP on tourist coach sends location-based multimedia content to audience mobile phone, with mother tongue spoken language.

Wi-Fi & 4G LTE Ethernet Adapter
Wi-Fi & 4G Ethernet Adapter

An ethernet adapter for tablets can switch between Wi-Fi & 4G automatically with preset profiles and IP settings.

Long Range Outdoor QRcode Reader
Long Range Outdoor QRcode Reader

An AI enabled long range QRcode reader, is efficient to read QRcode on mobile phone under outdoor environment from a few centimeter to as far as one meter.


Advance Mobility Mesh Wi-Fi

Maintaining high throughput

4 hops can relay 2km with 100 Mbps throughput under unpredictable and harsh wireless environment.


Stability and large coverage

A multi-hop wireless mesh network that greatly improves coverage and multi-path selection to raise link stability.


Reliability and management

We providing resilient network and load balancing with cloud management system.

Cloud Management
Devices Management

You can remote configure and upgrade firmware for APs

Public & Private Cloud

We provide public and private cloud for different customers

Channel Assignment

Smart channel assignment can maximum throughput in multi-channel networks

Social Wi-Fi

Customizable splash pages and end user data collection

4G Offload

Monitoring 4G data usage for making a better planning

Wi-Fi Survey

It can generate Wi-Fi heatmap to visualize Wi-Fi signal strength & data throughput

Real Time Statistics

A simple dashboard lets you view historic and real-time network statistics and analyze the health of your network

Email Alert

Email alerts to be sent when certain device events occur

Report Generation

You can view and export the statistics of the network in chosen time period


Modern Terminal Limited

Dynamic Mesh Access Points installed throughout the yard provide unbeatable Wi-Fi coverage in Terminal 1,2,5 and 9, with unbelievble high data throughput.

A government agency

The government agency using Mesh Wi-Fi System with a view to supporting electronic teaching and learning.

A famous local oil & foodstuffs company

Access Points in branch offices and factories connecting to the central management at headquarter simplify network administration.

We deliver mesh Wi-Fi network
for challenging and
harsh environments

About Us

Yfisoft Limited is a high tech spin-off from a successful R&D project funded by the government and industrial sponsorship for over 5 years in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). After graduating from Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP) IncuTech in March 2017, we keep staying in HKSTP and focusing on cutting edge Wi-Fi technologies and emerging new business models.

By enriching our highly robust dynamic mesh Wi-Fi solutions successfully deployed in the industry, we provide cost effective Wi-Fi technologies and solutions for the industry including dynamic mesh Wi-Fi, cloud Wi-Fi management system, social AP, Wi-Fi sensor, 4G LTE Wi-Fi ethernet adapter and more innovative features such as an automatic Wi-Fi site survey tool.

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